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But I don’t want a show dog, I just want a pet.  Do you require people to “show” their puppy?

Lets talk a little about the purpose behind showing.  First and foremost there is a huge misconception that dog shows are canine beauty contests.  Well, no, not really!  Judges are looking for individual specific qualities of each breed such as bone structure, correct coat type, correct bite, expression, performance, movement etc.  When all of these things are correct, the dog would then be a beautiful specimen of its breed hence beautiful.

Showing was originally intended and still today for the purpose of bettering the breed.  To better the bred, one MUST have a quality breeding program!  Breeders that are serious about “what” they are producing and those that truly love their bred, want only to produce true to the bred, healthy puppies with livable temperaments.  The ones that take this responsibility very seriously are the ones you will see dedicating their time and money to the show ring.  Showing is NOT just so that we can produce more show dogs for us and  others to show but so that our wonderful bred doesn’t die.  This enables us ALL to enjoy a pure bred true miniature schnauzer.  So in the end, yes, those of us that show truly enjoy it but it’s also because we see the bigger picture for our beloved breed and are truly saving its future.  Those of you that are simply looking for a great little companion get to reap the rewards by getting the opportunity to own a wonderful well bred dog.  I actually do not sell my puppies as show prospects nor do I place them with breeding rights.  My puppies do come with AKC limited registration meaning they are a registered pure bred dog but not permitted to be bred.  We just want them to live a full life as a beloved companion.  Selecting the right home for each puppy is just important to us as finding a reputable breeder is to you.

Why do you show your dogs?  Is it so you can get larger prices for your puppies?

Actually, puppy pricing has nothing to do with our interest in showing.  And we do NOT make any money showing….. we SPEND money showing.  :0)  There are so many expenses involved in not only showing but raising dog’s properly that the outcome is never profitable for us.  Showing was first designed to assist breeders in bettering their breeding program as well as the breed & to view other’s breeding stock.  It still has the same benefit today but for many it has become a huge hobby.  As with any breeds, breed standard gives us a guideline to assist us in keeping the integrity of that breed intact.  It is important to a responsible breeder to have pride in raising the best dogs possible!  When you have a puppy that comes out of champion parents, even a “pet” only puppy, that gives you the assurance you have a quality “true” miniature schnauzer puppy.  Price is a reflection of many things and should not be limited to the care given to the puppies and the bloodline but the maintenance and care that should be given to the parents as well.  It should be easy to spot well cared for dogs when you visit a breeders home.  You can tell who puts money back into the parents and who doesn’t.  :O)

Pet quality verses Show quality seems to be a confusing set of words for those seeking a puppy as a pet.

When we say “show” quality, this does NOT mean this pup makes a better companion.  This simply means that this pup has what we feel it takes in “conformation” as well as “personality/temperament” to be a good show dog.  Temperament wise, the best show dog is the personality type that enjoys showing.  Of course we also want them to enjoy showing and not all personality types will.  For example, if a pup has an outstanding conformation but is a more laid back personality, this pup is more than likely is not suited for showing as it may not enjoy that type of atmosphere and would probably rather be just hanging out with its owner at home & would be sold as a pet.  There are many variables taken into consideration when selecting a prospect for showing.  On the other hand, when we say “pet” quality, this does NOT mean this pup is any less suited for a companion!  It simply means it may not have all the “physical” traits needed for conformation showing.  It can be just as beautiful and have just as wonderful of a personality therefor making it an amazing companion!  Another misconception is that “show” quality pup of a litter means the “prettiest” pup of the litter.  And because of this, people feel if they only get a “pet” quality puppy, they will not get the prettiest one of the litter.  This is NOT true!!   AKC shows are “conformation” shows, not  beauty pageants!  What if the “prettiest” puppy in the litter that also happens to have the best conformation is a pup we feel will be smaller than desired for showing or may go over the desired size for showing?  This means that awesome pup will be sold as a pet regardless of the qualities this puppy does posses.

I am not interested in a show dog, I only want a pet.  Do you offer lower prices for pet only?

Our puppies are sold as Pet ONLY for the price listed here.  It is very expensive to give “proper” care to pets.  Just be aware that a very low cost puppy is the first sign that the breeder has not invested much into their dogs or their puppies.  We feel our prices are very fair for the high quality, well cared for socialized puppy we offer.  Be as equally aware that price does not always mean “better”.  There are still those few out there that are not quality breeders yet they are very expensive.  Remember, your pet is part of your family so choose wisely, ask questions, visit in person if you can.  A good breeder will not mind answering your questions & meeting with you in person.  Even if they don’t have puppies at the moment, meet some of their adult dogs.  This is your first sign of their dogs being given quality care & to get a feel of the breeder.  It will be important for you to also find a breeder that you like, you are starting a long term relationship with this person through your new puppy.  It is also very expensive for us to buy high quality dogs to add to our breeding program as well as any medical or genetic testing that may be done on our breeding dogs.

Do  you allow visitors to meet the puppy & the parents in person?

Absolutely, we welcome visitors to meet the puppy and its parents once the puppy has reached 6 weeks of age.  Please note that you will be asked to take your shoes off at the door!  We have to take every precaution to protect our puppies who are not old enough to have developed their own immune system nor are the old enough to have completed all their vaccines.  The bottoms of shoes can bring in many things that can be deadly to a puppy.  Most people don’t realize how extremely contagious and hardy PARVO is.  Parvo can live on the ground under the right conditions for as much as a year.  All a puppy has to do is come into contact with that virus and they have caught parvo. People tend to believe if they keep their puppy away from other dogs they are safe but this is not the case.  Parvo can live on any type surface.  Of course there are other worries such as distemper etc.  This is also the reason we do not allow visitors to see our puppies until they are 6 weeks of age.  Our intention is never to offend anyone but only to protect our babies.


We see visitors by appointment only.  It is important to us that we have uninterrupted quality time to spend with you & to be sure we are home.  There may be family functions or other appointments we would need to schedule around.

We ask those that have an appointment to please try to avoid arriving any earlier than 30 minutes before their scheduled time.  There are times we have other visitors and prefer not to over lap them.  When I have two separate families shooting questions at me, it gets rather confusing and I would like to sit down with you and enjoy our time together.  ~ I have also been caught right out of the shower with my robe on from a visitor that came several hours early…….that was a bit embarrassing answering the door in my bath robe! LOL  Please understand this is my home, not a business store front and we have all the normal things going on here that you have in your home (children, meal time etc.)

Here is a question I am often asked………

  • Do Schnauzers bark a lot or are they “yappy”….. To me, there is not a black and white answer to this question because one, they are a dog and two training can sometimes be part of the equation.
  • Are they a dog?  YES!  Do dogs bark?  YES……..
  • if you don’t want to hear barking…..Get a CAT!
  • But Miniature Schnauzers bark ‘at’ things. Like a stranger, UPS truck, mail man, etc… They do not bark for no reason. They bark to alert you that there is something going on and want to make you aware of it. They are after all an excellent watch dog.  “Watch” dog NOT “guard” dog.
  • If you have a dog that barks incessantly, then you have a whole other problem all together & this is more than likely a “Training” issue or should I say “lack of” training!  Just like children, these little dogs quickly learn to identify the boundaries YOU have or have not set for them!

How much are your puppies?

Our puppies range from $1800-$2000 There may be an occasion we have a puppy for a little less or a little more.

Pricing is not a reflection of one buying a “show” dog.  We know you are only wanting a “pet” even if the puppy you have picked happens to be a show quality puppy.  There will be times we have more show prospects in a litter than what we are able to keep.  Whether you are getting a show quality puppy or pet quality puppy, they are both still sold only as a companion for the same price.   We do not give any less love, attention or quality care to a pet prospective puppy than a show prospect puppy.  Each are given exactly the same love and care.  Value is in the “entire package”.  This is not only for the dog’s benefit or only our benefit but your benefit in that you will reap the rewards of our hard work. These prices are not really exorbitant when divided over the lifespan of the dog (12-15 years) and weighed against the veterinary expenses of a poorly bred dog.  And when our investment in care, time spent and showing expenses are added, trust me, we do not make a profit!

Never settle for less because of time, money or other considerations. Your pup may be a part of your family for on average 12 to 15 years and compromises now will effect you and/or your puppy for a long time to come.  If you are not able to find what you want immediately, a few weeks or months of patience will usually be very rewarding.  In fact, getting a pup from some of the better breeders and even more so their better litters, usually requires a wait – many are sold in advance. So be choosy, look around and see what is available by attending one of the many shows. Talk with various Breeders about required and expected standards and be wary of faults that are bred into the breed by the uneducated non professional breeder.

In your search for the “right” dog, you may have noticed that the prices vary widely. Newspaper ads may show one litter selling at $150.00 each and the next ad at $800.00 each. Though both are AKC registered so what does this mean the difference is?  Unfortunately, AKC “papers” are no indication of the quality of the pup or his trueness to the Breed Standard.   That is at the integrity of the breeder to breed dogs that have the proper qualities meeting breed standard.  AKC’s job is merely to “register” any puppy that is produced out of two AKC registered parents not to monitor quality of dogs.  They are simply a “registry”.  The first sign (big red flag!) a breeder has notinvested much into their dogs are puppies being sold at a very low price!  Think about it,  a quality diet & vet care are not cheap.  There are many expenses in raising a litter of puppies, whelping box, potty area be it a safe out door area fenced specifically for puppies or puppy pads, tails & dew claws done, grooming supplies, puppy toys, chew items, heat pad, baby blankets, deworming, vaccines and the list goes on.  It would scare me to death if my puppy had been conceived by parents that were poorly fed and then nursed by a mother who was poorly fed and or the lack of quality routine maintenance including such things as heart worm preventative, flea preventative etc.  A well bred dog from a quality reputable breeder can be expected to be more costly because more is invested into the care of their dogs.  As with anything, quality always comes at a bit of a premium.  Investments are substantially more for Show & breeding quality puppy purchased for the purpose of showing/breeding but again we do not sell our puppies to be show or breeding dogs.  We also NEVER sell our puppies to brokers or pet stores or at such places as a flea market!

Many people do not realize that AKC does not set the standards for ANY breed.  The miniature schnauzer breeds standards are set forth by and only by the American Miniature Schnauzer Club.  AKC is the organization through which pure bred dogs are “registered”.

Our puppies come with a 5 year health guarantee, micro-chipped, vet checked, first age appropriate vaccines, routine deworming, starter pack of NuVet supplements, starter pack of Wellness Puppy food, house training material, puppy nutrition material,  puppy pad, puppy & parents photos, first toy, first collar, puppy pedigree, AKC registration, fresh grooming & in the winter we provide the puppy with their first sweater or jacket.

Do you give registration papers with the puppy?

Yes, our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract with AKC registration.  Meaning, once your puppy is of age to have spayed or neutered, just send us the vet documentation of the procedure showing your name, dog’s name with DOB and we will mail you the puppy’s AKC registration application so you can register your puppy.  The AKC registration application that is provided will be Limited meaning, your puppy can be registered but will not have breeding or show rights.

Do you offer breeding rights?

Sorry, no we do not…….no exceptions ever! I do not mean to hurt any one’s feelings so please know before you ask that no matter what your situation, you will be told no!  If you want to show, I do not offer show rights, they are the same as breeding rights.  I can however, refer you to a few show breeders that may be able to help you find the right show prospect.

What do you feed your dogs?

I believe nutrition is key to everything!  It is vital that a new puppy gets off to a great start in life.  Nutrition is one of the ways to make this happen. ** Puppies grow very fast.  They need the proper nutrition to do this without any issues. ** Adult dogs that are maintained through diet an exercise live longer more productive lives!  ** A breeding dog MUST have excellent nutrition……after all, the puppies they are producing rely on the mothers body and intake to grow into healthy newborns.  And the stud dog is just as much of a contributor!  Healthier dog means healthier sperm.  **  A show dog must be in pristine condition.  That is impossible to do with a poor quality diet.  ** Any way you look at it, whether a pet, a puppy, show dog, elderly dog, breeding dog……Diet should be number one and not be an area where you cut corners!

We feed our puppies a premium kibble as well as Nature’s Variety RAW.   

Where do you raise your puppies?

When we have puppies, they are born and kept in our home under close supervision.  They are very socialized being handled by us from the birth on.

Are your puppies vet checked?


Have your puppies had any vaccines?

Yes, we generally give them their first Parvo shot as well as their first puppy 5 way vaccine.  We continue to give age appropriate vaccines to all puppies in our care.  My adults are always current on yearly vaccines as well.

What age do you release your puppies to their new homes?

8 weeks of age is the minimum age we release our puppies.  With the guidance of our vet, it will always be at our discretion to determine when each individual puppy is ready to leave us.  From time to time, we may feel it is in the best interest of the puppy to stay a little longer.

I got my last dog at 6 weeks of age and house training was easy.  Can I pick up my puppy from you at 6 weeks of age?

NO!  While house training may have been easy for some, I can assure you it had nothing to do with your puppy being 6 weeks old.  House training is just as much mental as physical therefor a puppy has to be “ready” in both ways to understand the process the same as we don’t potty train our human children at 6 months of age because they simply are not physically or mentally ready. The window of opportunity for the puppy to grasp the process has not arrived yet so don’t fear, at 8 weeks old you will not have any difficulties.  And we are here to guide you every step of the way if you need our help.  I have also had many say to me, but the last breeder I bought from let me have my puppy at 6 weeks.  And please know that I don’t mean this rudely but to be frank, it doesn’t matter to me what another breeder allowed for their puppy.  Here we only do things that are for the best interest of the puppy.  Any responsible breeder would never let their puppies leave that young.  Weaning is not the “only” factor that determines if a puppy is ready to leave the nest.  Each mother will wean differently and each puppy will wean differently.  This is because it is not only a physical process but a mental/emotional process.  Puppies begin to stand and walk (belly off the floor) at around 4 weeks of age.  Two weeks later at 6 weeks of age, they simply are too immature to make such a huge transition to a new home.  Thank you for your understanding.

Can I fly into Dallas to pick up my puppy if I do not live in your area?

** If you would like to fly into Dallas and take your puppy back with you as a carry on, we are happy to met you at the airport.  We would need to get a health certificate for your puppy IF the airline you are traveling with requires a health certificate.  Many do not for a carry on puppy.   This additional cost is subject to vet fees but generally cost around $65, you would need a soft sided carry bag (occasionally I have some on hand for $30), the airlines generally charge $75-$125 for a carry on depending on the airline used.  The best deals are generally found “online” for bookings at least 2 weeks out so plan ahead.  If you book an “online special” you will need to call the airline to add your pet carry on for your return flight.  South West Airline and American are very competitive for the best rates.

Prices are subject to change due to size of the puppy and or airline & vet fee changes so please verify if you have any concerns.  

Do your puppies have their tails docked?

YES!  All puppies come with tails docked and dew claws removed.  This is a procedure that is done at 3-5 days of age.

Do you crop the ears on your puppies?

I’m sorry but NO, I do not crop ears!  Those of you that are seeing puppies that already have their ears done at “ready to go age” are either those breeders that do ear cropping themselves or that have an unconventional vet that crops ears at 3 days old when the tails are done.  Let me say for the record…….this is NOT the age to do a “Quality” ear crop!  Ears on these pups are usually mismatched & shaped completely wrong.  The ear is just a nub of tissue at this age not yet formed. There is no way you can get the cut straight or the ears even to one another or even the size correct before the ear has finished developing.  The correct age to have this procedure done is 8-12 weeks of age.  This also is not a typical “procedure” but a work of art that requires a specifically skilled vet.  Because of all the factors involved, we give the buyer the option to have the ears done by their vet.  We find most people prefer natural ears today.  We do crop the ears on “our” dogs but like the look of natural as well as cropped and feel there is no right or wrong in this area, it is strictly personal preference.  Ear cropping is a “cosmetic” procedure.

Waiting List

On average about half of our puppies are sold from a waiting list or shortly after birth.  Sometimes an entire litter will be spoken for before they are born.  I intentionally do not take over 3-4 pre-deposits per litter to ensure there are enough puppies for that list.  Meaning, if I take 3- 4 deposits and 6 puppies are born, there are enough puppies to cover the list plus any puppy I may keep for myself to show.

Our waiting lists are done by deposit. Once approved for one of our puppies, a $200 pre-deposit secures your position on the waiting list. If the color and or gender you prefer is not born, you are given the option to transfer your pre-deposit to a future litter (this might involve a wait as we don’t have puppies year ’round).  Our future plans will be discussed with you at that time.  OR you can opt for a refund of the $200 pre-deposit.

Please Note:  Once the full deposit of half down has been placed, the deposit is NOT refundable should you change your mind.  In order to keep this fair for everyone, please be sure you are ready to commit to us as your breeder and the puppy/litter you have selected.  If you have any doubts about commitment, don’t commit!

Once puppies arrive, the deposit amount due is half down less the $200 already paid for those that were on the waiting list.  At that time we will begin going down the waiting list to give each person on the list their options.  If you opt to select a puppy from that litter, the remainder of the deposit is due within a week from their date of birth.

This means for example, if you have place a $200 pre-deposit and the half down deposit amount due is $500, you are welcome to take the $200 (paid for the pre-deposit) off of that amount making only $300 due on their arrival or you can take it off of the final balance, your choice.

Once the puppy is ready to go to its new home, the balance is due in full at pick up.

Please note, no personal checks are taken!  I’m sorry but this has lead to confusion in the past.

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Yes!  We offer a 5 year health guarantee.  This is based on 1 year congenital/hereditary defects with no requirements.  Because we strongly encourage the use of NuVet supplements, we offer an additional 4 years if you choose to keep your puppy on this product from the time you get the puppy.  We believe in the health of our puppies but we also want to encourage others of the importance of diet.  There are some health issues that can derive from poor diet.  We are here to guide you in the education of diet so feel free to ask any questions.  Its a journey we can take together as I am always all ears to any new pieces of information in that regard.

The only exceptions are that we can not cover any issues derived from surgery unless it is proven to be from a hereditary issue such as a heart condition etc.  This means spay, neuter and ear cropping complications are not covered.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, PayPal and US Postal Money Orders ONLY.

Sorry, NO Personal Checks please!  Credit Cards are taken through PayPal only

Mailed Payments; It is my recommendation that you get a TRACKING number through the US Postal Service or go through UPS or Fed Ex. This is for your own protection should the mail be lost or delayed, it can be tracked.  Please provide me with the tracking number so that I can place your puppy on hold.  Without a tracking number, the puppy is not on hold and is considered available to another family.  As with everything, there is always that one person that spoils it for the rest.  I have had several times of going through the entire adoption process with a family and at last minute they decide against a puppy but don’t have the consideration to tell me that they have had a change of heart or that they did not mail a deposit.  I am left holding the puppy and turning down other families.  So, no tracking number, no hold on the puppy!  I will do my best to be fair to everyone.

Puppy Pick Up

Any balances due on the day you pick up your new puppy are to be paid with cash or paypal only.  If you come with a personal check, money order or cashier’s check, you will not be able to take your new puppy!  Due to past problems in this area, there are NO exceptions!

If you are flying in to pick up your puppy, final balance is due prior to arrival.  I prefer not to exchange cash at the airport as I am sure most people prefer not to travel with cash.

Extended Stay

Puppies are generally released between 8-9 weeks of age.  It is at my discretion to determine when a puppy is ready to go to a new home.  If I have decided your puppy should stay a little longer, please be patient and understand it is for the best interest of the puppy.  This is at no additional charge however, if I have set a date the puppy is ready and buyer requests additional stay, please note there will be a kennel fee of $15 per day for each day past the release date set by me.  Please plan the arrival of your new puppy around your schedule and be sure you are able to devote the proper amount of attention to the puppy, especially during its transition period.

What do you feed your dogs

 We generally first introduce our puppies to yogurt, cottage cheese & Nature’s Variety Raw first and then we will move them over to soften Nature’s Logic when ready for more.

Our puppies are feed grain free all stages of life & Nature’s Variety RAW and Addiction Salmon Bleu puppy formula kibble as well as a variety of fresh RAW organic fruits and vegetables.   

The reason we have selected these foods are MANY but primarily the natural ingredients, the correct amount of protein & fat for this breed.   It is best not to go too high in protein percentage with this breed so be careful with some of the premium foods.  I don’t really recommend the Nature’s Variety DRY for the miniature schnauzer breed due to the much higher protein and fat.  For those needing a lower fat food for overweight or dogs with sensitive pancreas, I have successfully used the Raw Patties from Nature’s Variety, Addiction (Kangaroo raw dehydrated & dry kibble).  Low fat food is usually sacrificing in protein or total lack of ingredients.   It tends to be bland and not of interest to most dogs however, I have found these “A” grade foods to do the trick keeping the fat percentage in check, still appealing in taste and ingredient list and no licking and gnawing feet due to carb fillers.  However, be aware that most “A” grade “grain free” foods are too high in fat and or fat and protein for this breed so go cautiously when selecting.  Please share your experiences by creating an account to log in and share your thoughts in a post!

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