Do you have a Testimony?

Do you have a puppy from us and have a testimony you’d like to share?  Feel free to post it here or email it to me and I’ll be happy to share your story and photos!

We LOVE Sarita and her Classic Schnauzers! After losing our sweet miniature schnauzer, Harley, in May to a rare heart disease, we began our search to find a new mini to fill the void of our loss. We found Classic Schnauzers and the owner, Sarita, on her wonderful website. She was so informative and thorough. We knew immediately that she was passionate about her dogs/pups. The time she spent visiting with us on the phone and via email was exceptional. We are now the proud parents of Bozley, and we absolutely LOVE him to pieces. He is a real sweetie pie and has a great disposition. Did we mention that he is so darn cute too!  He has definitely filled the void in our hearts. We are forever grateful for having found Sarita and her Classic Schnauzers and hope to be adding another baby Schnauzer to our family very soon. Thank you, Sarita for bringing such joy to our family.  

Sincerely, The Ewing Family Colorado

Hi Sarita, I hope this finds you doing well. Just writing to give you an update on Sophie. She is doing great and we love her. You may remember that I am a K9 handler for our Sheriff’s office. We bought Sophie for my wife , Emily. Well, I have never been a small dog person, but I have to admit, I adore this precious little girl and so does Emily and everyone else that meets her! She is a bundle of energy but also so sweet and loving. We love her dearly and are very thankful to you for giving us the opportunity to love her. Here are some pictures I took today. She is in need of a haircut but still pretty. We have not been able to find anyone who can do a proper schnauzer cut and we have tried several different groomers. Emily wants to learn how to do it herself. We hope maybe one day we visit the Dallas area and you could give her a tutorial. Thank you so much for our precious little girl. We may contact you next year for another one!

I just wanted to compliment you on your wonderful website.
It is most thorough and informative one I’ve come across
and I am always reading about mini nauzers for more information
and looking at their photos

You provide so much wonderful information, suggestions, insights 
and links for potential miniature schnauzer owners. It’s a great site.

They are of course pure heart stealers.
I have shared my life with 5 mini schnauzers.
My husband Jeff and I are currently the parents of Oliver Dru Davis
aka Ollie. 

Ollie is 14.5 and a total love bug. Sweetest little fella on the planet
tho I know there are other sweeties out there.

We found Ollie through Janet Corpin’s Sandcastle Schnauzers in 
Palos Verdes, CA.
He and his brother Wallace Duff Davis aka Duff have been our greatest joy.

Duff received his wings a year and a half ago.
He was born with an atrial heart defect that did not mend.
We were told not to expect him to make two years of age.
He made it to 13 and very well too until his wee lion heart gave out.
We all miss him very much.

Ollie has been diagnosed with spondylosis.
We are keeping up with the latest aides and meds for him.
He is a super boy.

I read websites to learn more and laugh at shared schnauzer stories.
Flickr has some of the best photos ever.

Anyhow…I just wanted to say your site is super and
your pups are clearly loved and cared for and you are clearly a great 
schnauzer Mom and breeder.
It’s a pleasure to know of Classic Schnauzers.
B.D. Davis


******Just some pics post grooming!!!!! He is the best dog in the world . We absolutely adore him and cannot thank you enough!!!  Beth and family

******Dude is doing great.  He has gained almost a pound since we’ve had him.  He is happy and a good puppy… most of the time – Ha!  Here are some pics.  The last
ones of Dude alone were taken today.  The ones of me and Don and me and Cynthia were from the airport the day he arrived.

*******Carol and I are so pleased with Zoey!  She’s a real sweetheart and the ideal pup for us.  Zoey is full of energy and goes for a long, 2 – 3 mile walk every day and then plays at the doggie park here in San Antonio.  I get complements everywhere I go on how pretty and how well behaved she is.Thank you Sarita for this wonderful pet.


*****Clementine Rose is a real sweetie!  She’s so smart and quick to learn new commands and LOVES her favorite treats of crushed ice and fresh carrots. Clementine is such a beautiful little lady who brings me such joy!  Sarita, thanks for offering me helpful information and tips regardign diet, vitamins, and grooming and for taking the time to answer all my email questions regarding my darling Clementine!  Thank you so much for my beautiful girl!  Cindy M.


(Fritz shown above an Oso puppy) Sarita, so many of our friends and just
people are stopping to see Fritz. They all say what a beauty and wonder if we
are going to show him as they think he is just perfect. We say he is just our
pet and we searched for quite awhile before we decided Classic Miniature
Schnauzers was the best. Also, they say what a cute hair cut and wonder who did
it. I said my breeder did and they said what a great job–do it that way all the
time. I don’t know if I told you, but we have a friend whose daughter in Georgia
raises schnauzers. We really felt bad when we told him we had decided to go with
you. He said he understood.

Also Sarita we think you are a jewel and
if you ever need us as a reference, we are here for you. I meant to say this in
the earlier e-mail but as you know we are old people and are inclined to forget
unless we write a note to ourselves.
Take care — Fred and Janet
Little Jada above)  Sarita,   Thank you so much for our beautiful little puppy!  She has made a wonderful addition to our family and has certainly settled quite nicely into our routine.  Your suggestions on crate training were excellent, as little Jada loves to sleep and play in her crate.  She and her “big sis” 8 year old schnauzer have a wonderful time playing in the yard and running through the house.  Tug-o-war is one of their favorite games, although we have to step in when big sis starts running around the room with little Jada hanging on to the toy for dear life!  We really appreciate all of the love and attention you gave to our little one, as she is so beautiful, healthy and smart!  Thanks again!

Elizabeth Y.

****Diego – (See a video of Diego on the Gallery 2 page)

He has an amazing temperament, we love him to bits . Hope you are well. Mark M of Canada


*****Hi  Sarita,Hope everything is well.

Yes, i have a picture here at work.
this is the only one i have here but ill send some more from home.
I must say, he’s a GREAT dog. I couldnt have asked for any better.his
temperament is wonderful and he’s just so smart. He’s been a great addition
to our family and I thank you so much.

***** FRAZAR- Texas boy

We love him so much and think and speak of you often in gratitude for the blessing of Frazar!

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  1. chesneynoel says:

    I received the most precious puppy, who was born February 2011. An absolute love & so very smart :)
    Sarita was wonderful to work with because she was willing to keep Belle’s tail “natural” & not crop it! She helped me throughout the puppy process & kept me up to date with pictures and tales of how Belle was doing, from the time she was born until I was able to pick her up.
    My vet commented on what wonderful condition she was in & how she was so true to the breed standards.
    /Users/camieward/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2011/Jun 27, 2011_2/IMG_0522.JPG
    This is on her first day home!!! Look how cute she is & at that tail :)
    /Users/camieward/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2011/Jun 27, 2011_2/DSCF0354.JPG
    Here she is playing her favorite game-kicking/nosing the tennis ball & carrying another toy in her mouth!

  2. tonigirltx says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to load a picture on here of our adorable Noah! He is such a wonderful, smart, and loving dog! He has exceeded all my expectations and could not have had a better experience with Sarita and her time and knowledge. She always had an answer for any question I had! I’m a dog groomer and have seen many schnauzers in my time, and I have to say that Noah is probably the cream of the crop! lol-but I am little partial! Thank you Sarita!!!

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