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On this post I will be adding links to coupons as I have them or know of them.

I encourage all to do the same but please limit to “A” grade brands of food such as:

– – – Nature’s Logic – – – Natural Balance- – – – – Prarie – – – Instinct RAW ……….Innova……..Blue Buffalo…………OR any other “A” Grade Food!  See our “grade your dog food chart” on the Raw or Commercial “POST page, links to the right

Ideally you want a low fat % without sacrificing your protein.  This breed seems to be best suited at 12-15% fat.  Some dogs may be suited for a higher percentage and some may require less.  This is just a general idea for you to gauge by when selected a food for a miniature schnauzer.  Most dogs that have had any pancreatic issues will need under 10% fat content.  A raw diet is great for dogs needing a lower fat.  Of course if you are not purchasing “already packaged” raw with labels and are making your own, that means taking off the fat if using chicken or turkey and NOT using red meats with fat content.  Venison (if you are fortunate to have access to it even just once a year) is a very very low fat red meat.

Anyone that makes their own food for their dog, PLEASE SHARE YOUR RECEIPTS.  So many people are interested in supplementing their dog with natural foods and are happy to get some ideas so you veterans out there share your experiences.

We use Instinct Raw and for our dry kibble we use Nature’s Logic.  Nature’s Logic is not carried by the large chain pet stores so you may want to visit their website for retailers in your area.  CLICK HERE to visit Nature’s Logic website.  I order mine through  My nearest retailer is about an hour drive plus ordering (even with shipping) I save $10-$15 per bag for the large bags compared to my local retailer. offers free shipping on orders of $35 or more AND first order gets a 15% discount!  My orders also arrive fast!  Almost always in 2 days.  Can’t beat that!  And now that we no longer use Wellness, ALL the gnawing & licking of the paws has stopped & yeast ears are now clear with Nature’s Logic!

What vets don’t tell you……….if your dog has chronic yeasty ear infections…….. CHANGE YOUR FOOD & you’ll never have to medicate again!  Another little hint to clear ear infections with changing their food is try diluting vinegar (white or apple cider)  and cleaning their ears out.  You can dilute with water or pet ear cleaner at a 50/50 ratio…..DO NOT use straight vinegar!!  Use a generous amount, let sit for about 1 minute, then let dog shake head to loosen debris and clean out.  Wait a couple of days and repeat.  Usually works with one or two cleanings.  Use this method once a month for maintenance.  You can add a small amount of alcohol but it’s not vital that you do.  If you are trying to stop the paw licking, try adding a probiotic to their food.  This is in addition to changing foods of course. There are a variety of probiotics.  We often use Acidophilus.  This helps build the “good” bacteria in the intestines and to fight the over abundance of bad bacteria and or yeast build up.  NOTE:  Licking and gnawing of the paws is a YEAST build up in the body which is caused by foods that are too high in starchy ingredients.  Starch turns to sugar and feeds yeast.  To really see the results, you need to get to the root of the problem by changing the diet.


BELOW are LINKS to the latest COUPONS…………. 2012

Pet’s Mart Coupon page;



Instinct RAW for your DOG and your CAT;  LINK;





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